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'I, Pilgrim' on Wander Woman podcast'I, Pilgrim' on Wander Woman podcast

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Check out our Patron, Phoebe Smith's Wander Woman Travel Podcast's latest episode - called I, Pilgrim.

Want to escape the chaos of the festive season? Join Phoebe Smith as she undertakes a micro-pilgrimage led by our trustee Abigail Rowe in Sussex, England, on our recently discovered Old Way. But here's the twist - although she's joined by 15 others they walk in complete and total silence... As a non-religious soul, Phoebe wonders what brings people to complete a pilgrimage and learns the value of time spent outside without speaking a single word.

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Learn how to Beat the Blisters with our expert Travel Hack of the Month; Discover the 10 best pilgrim paths around the world; meet the BBC Correspondent and Barrister, turned nuns - turned tour guides who mapped out a series of 'Caminos' in their native Northern Ireland; Discover the joys of walking poles in our regular gear section; Gen up on Canada's Ojibwe Spirit Horses, a rare and endangered breed - and the woman working to save them; and be left in awe by our Wander Woman of the Month - Egeria, aka the world's first pilgrim.

Photo of Kingley Vale Devil's Humps, credit: Phoebe Smith.

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