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We are dedicated to facilitating the most inclusive community of pilgrims in Britain.

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We are dedicated to facilitating the most inclusive community of pilgrims in Britain.

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As we partner with various pilgrim-friendly organisations, we will give you the benefits so you can feel more able to take those first steps.

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Your support helps make our unique pilgrimage resources available to all, for free.


Pilgrimage routes around Britain on our website’s directory, both older and newly formed routes.


Digital maps that can be freely accessed via smartphones using GPS to create tried and tested walking routes.


Reference works, such as our own book Britain’s Pilgrim Places and others that also introduce the depth and breadth of the British pilgrimage tradition, such as Magical Britain.


Free materials that help anyone to create their own route and host their own guided pilgrimage event, or as part of our volunteer guide network.


Our Sanctuary Project helps local communities to provide, and pilgrims find, sleeping sanctuary at a reasonable price. Benefitting both pilgrims and local communities.


We are always working to update our routes and add new ones. Our flagship route, the Old Way Pilgrimage from Southampton to Canterbury – is a 250-mile pilgrimage route discovered on a 14th-century map.

Open up

Pilgrimage in Britain by reaching out to as many different communities as we can to make pilgrimage more accessible and encouraging pilgrims to ‘Bring Your Own Beliefs’.


An active digital presence for our online community via our website, our e-newsletter mailing list and social media channels @pilgrimtrust.


With organisations like Ordnance Survey, English Heritage, Association of English Cathedrals and other nature-based organisations.


Our plan is to introduce pilgrimage to schoolchildren – especially those who may never have walked in the countryside before, or those who are going through a difficult time.

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