Help the pilgrimage movement

We can't do this alone, so please help us by being active on-the-ground in various ways, which will help bring many more people onto the footpath – our ultimate aim.

Test walk a newpilgrim route

Test walk a new
pilgrim route

There are thousands of miles of routes on our website so you will understand if we can't walk all of these ourselves to know if they all work well along all the paths!

So please pick your chosen route and let us know how you get on, by filling in our form so that we can provide the best service to others.

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Create your own pilgrimage route

Discover how to create a short, 1-day or half-day, pilgrimage route on foot (or horse/mule/bicycle) to any holy place destination anywhere in Britain.

The general principles could also be used for creating longer pilgrimages.

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Guide pilgrim‍routes

Guide pilgrim

Facilitating others on their journey is a great joy, and they will be so grateful for your guidance as they take their first steps as pilgrims.

We have prepared some guidance for guiding others, in case you want to go down this path.

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