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Camino Ingles - start your Camino in BritainCamino Ingles - start your Camino in Britain

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Thanks to work by the Confraternity of St James, it is now possible to combine a 25km+ pilgrimage in the UK with the 75km Camino Inglés from A Coruña to qualify for your 100km Compostela certificate.

For medieval pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, their pilgrimage started at their own front door. These days only official routes count, and the Santiago Pilgrim Office can be pretty strict about the evidence they accept and the route you have taken if your want your Compostela. After a campaign by the Confraternity of St James it is now possible for British pilgrims to walk 25km in Britain, then join the route from A Coruña and still qualify for the Compostela.

Which British routes qualify?

Any British pilgrim route with some link to Jacobean pilgrimage should count but you must be able to stamp your passport twice a day. We strongly recommend contacting either the Confraternity of St James or the Santiago Pilgrim Office before setting off to make sure your route will be accepted. Some of the most popular ones British pilgrims have successfully added include:

You can use a different route if you want, just make sure it has a connection to St James and that stamps will be available.

Where can I find official stamps?

The routes mentioned above have their own pilgrim passport schemes, but you will need to use your official Camino passport. For 100km distances you must get two stamps a day, but these don't have to be "official" stamps. These can be from hostels, churches, cafés, town halls, tourist offices, hotels, and other businesses etc.  This is a record of your Camino to be presented to the volunteers at Santiago Pilgrim Office and prove that you have undertaken the minimum distance to qualify you for a compostela or certificado.

How do I find out if my preferred route has stamps?

We're working on a filter so you can search for routes with stamps. For now, check the links on each individual route page to see if there is a stamp scheme in place.

Can I add my route to the list?

Route organisers and individual pilgrim places can help us add more viable routes by sharing information about their passport stamps. If you are the custodian of a pilgrim place such as a church, historic monument or other holy place register with us for a discount on your own bespoke eco-friendly stamp.

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