A Pilgrim's Disclaimer: Guided Pilgrims

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A Pilgrim's Disclaimer: Guided PilgrimsA Pilgrim's Disclaimer: Guided Pilgrims

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All great journeys begin with a single step

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To go on pilgrimage entails elements of risk. While our guided pilgrimages will be led by an experienced guide, or guides,  and while the routes we walk will have been tested beforehand, accidents can, and do happen. (To read our disclaimer for self-guided pilgrims, click here.)

Walking is an activity which carries with it a danger of personal injury or death. Many of the customary activities that make experiencing the British countryside so special – such as wild swimming, foraging for edible herbs and flowers, and drinking from sacred springs – also carry their attendant risks.

Prospective pilgrims should carefully consider this aspect of their involvement before joining us on a pilgrimage. Public Liability insurance will be provided by The British Pilgrimage Trust CIO on our guided pilgrimages. Pilgrims using our written guidance may wish to obtain their own personal insurance.

We provide all pilgrims with detailed risk information, as written in the declaration below, and you are required to agree to this disclaimer in order to join us on a guided pilgrimage.


  • You are participating voluntarily in pilgrimages as an individual. You can withdraw from participation at any time.
  • You must follow the safety advice given by your guide(s).
  • Public Liability Insurance and personal accident insurance is in place for walks and events organised by The British Pilgrimage Trust CIO.
  • You must be at least 18 years of age, or, if you are under 18, you must be accompanied by a responsible adult.
  • You understand that if you choose to sign up to the BPT emailing list as you book my place on pilgrimage, you can opt out at any time by following the unsubscribe prompts on the emails.
  • You understand that the pilgrimage event may be filmed or photographed for publicity purposes.


  • You discharge the British Pilgrimage Trust CIO, or any associated individual concerned, of all liability for any injuries caused by or in any way related to your participation in walks/events organised by the British Pilgrimage Trust CIO.
  • You also discharge your right to make any claim or action against the British Pilgrimage Trust CIO, or any associated individual, in the event of such an injury.
  • You declare that you are participating voluntarily in British Pilgrimage Trust CIO pilgrimages as an individual.
  • You understand that there is an element of danger in participating in these pilgrimages.
  • If you are intending to wild swim on your pilgrimage, you must read the following information on: Freshwater Wild Swimming, Sea Safety and Access Laws.
  • You are happy to participate and understand that you can withdraw from participation in any pilgrimage at any time.
  • You understand that walking and activities undertaken by the British Pilgrimage Trust CIO often involve strenuous physical exercise.
  • You understand that the guided event may be filmed or photographed and the subsequent photos or videos may be used for publicity during and after the event, including any of your own photos that you choose to share with the British Pilgrimage Trust.
  • You understand that as a pilgrim, you may be exposed to cold and wet conditions, and will need to carry a loaded rucksack on their backs for several hours. You should seriously consider your personal health and fitness before undertaking these walks.
  • If you suffer from, or have ever suffered from any medical condition, illness, injury or allergy, or are pregnant, you should consult your doctor regarding your suitability to participate in a guided pilgrimage.
  • If you have concerns regarding your suitability for the guided walks, you should only attend following clearance from your Doctor, and should make any relevant conditions known to the guide(s) before each walk commences.

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All great journeys begin with a single step

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