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Pilgrimage is at its best when it is rooted in the community. We're creating a network of passionate and dedicated individuals to enable pilgrimage to flourish in Britain.

A regional approach

There are over 250 routes in Britain today, each with its own unique character, made up of the communities, landscape, stories and destinations along it. We want to work with local people who understand these elements the best. We'll ensure the destinations, guides, local stakeholders and relevant organisations are able to collaborate to make the most of their route.

Sharing Best Practice

There are some great pilgrimage innovators out there, from the route creators to the destinations who have the best pilgrim welcomes an experiences. We want to share and celebrate the great ideas, and tackle the common challenges. We are working to build a better understanding of modern pilgrimage, to inspire, inform and enable new approaches for pilgrims today.

Reaching new pilgrims

It can be daunting, stepping out on the path for the first time. 60% of pilgrims in Britain today are new to the practice. We want to help more people take their first steps, by providing great resources, different types of guided pilgrimages and taster events. Whether it is trying it for the first time, the comfort of walking with others, or just learning more about the diversity of pilgrimage, we want to work with volunteers, local guides and stakeholders to create opportunities for everyone to find their path.

Tap into funding

Whilst we can't provide funding ourselves, we can help others to access funding opportunities. Most funders are looking for collaboration or community impact. We're ready to support local funding applications with evidence of need or shared knowledge, or even help you incorporate pilgrimage into wider projects.

For route organisers

A great route is more than just waymarks. Find out what the wide variety of modern pilgrims want from a route, how they prefer to make their journeys and who to engage to make your route successful.

For pilgrimage destinations

Find out how we can help you understand your pilgrim audiences, network with other pilgrim places up and down the route and what opportunities are offered by welcoming pilgrims.

For Champions

Could you be the one to champion pilgrimage in your region? If you are a great networker with a passion for the wide variety of modern pilgrimage, we'd love to hear from you.

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